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Welcome to the Nu Nu Chapter!
We are excited to share our past and upcoming events with you!  Please join us in advancing nursing in our community, state, and globally! 


Board Member Spotlight

  • I. Marlene Summers, MEd, MSS, MSNED, RN, QTTP

    White Rose Chair; Past President; Advid Nu Nu Fan

    Why Sigma Theta Tau:  It was flattering to be asked to join as a chartering member. Really didn't know anything about the organization but the words Honor Society meant it was some kind of big deal.

    What hobby to you enjoy:  Launching my boat at Bear Lake

    What Bucket List item do you most want to accomplish:  Make every student/person I come in contact with feel valued.

    What is the best place you have travelled to:  Vancouver Island, British Columbia

    Share one random act of kindness that has been shown to you:  Tears present when awarding a scholarship, research grant, Annual Award of Excellence, a White Rose, or pinning on a Cold War Medal to a Veteran who was almost forgotten.

    What is your guilty pleasure:  Hersey kisses with almonds

    Share your most favorite random fact:  Was hugged by the First Lady (Michelle Obama) the day after returning from a year's deployment to Kuwait.

    What book changed your life:  Og Mandino's The Greatest Salesman in the World; currently The Girls Who Stepped Out of Line - unbelieveable what those women survived and accomplished.

    What is the most impactful movie you have seen:  Saving Private Ryan and War Horse - can't tell I have a military background, can you?

    What is your favorite season:  Fall/Thanksgiving

    What is your favorite rainy-day activity:  Staying home by the fire and just puttering.

    What is the best advice you have ever received:  "This too shall pass." - My Little Momma after my brother & his wife were killed in a car wreck, October 1997. My first initial is part of her name. She graduated from high school at 16 as the Valedictorian and frequently told us how much she loved school.

    What is your definition of success:  Helping someone reach their goal.

    What inspires you:  People who are kind and willing to think of others and support them in any way needed. Praying for help with a specific problem/situation, seeing that help/answer suddenly appear, and knowing where it came from.